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Gr8 Results
Jim Before and After Photos
Jim Brissenden, from 360 pounds to 210 pounds – 150 pounds gone!

Brissenden, 65, lost weight using a combination of a medically prescribed and monitored liquid protein eating plan combined with a strength building program designed and monitored by his then personal trainer, Brett Fischer.

“I tried many different diets through the years and I didn’t understand the importance of the exercise that needs to be a part of the weight loss program,” Jim said. “Changing a lifetime of eating and inactivity isn’t easy, but the results are certainly worth it!”

Though he didn’t know it at the time, Jim understands now that his personality had a lot to do with the weight loss. He first heard about The 8 Colors of Fitness in April, 2008, from the author Suzanne Brue, and learned that, as a gold harmony, he is conservative who views exercise as a job to get done. With the same discriminating process as he selected his medical practitioner to direct his eating plan, he also sought out expert advice regarding his strength training. A former collegiate football player himself, Jim looked to Brett, a former NFL wide receiver and outstanding athlete, for his expertise in designing a program that would challenge him and yet be attainable with commitment.

“Brett turned out to be the perfect trainer for Jim. He explained what he was doing. Jim felt very safe as he was training. Brett set goals for him and, as a gold harmony, Jim likes to check off “steps” as he progresses. Each week Jim made steps toward his goal of improved strength, measured by numbers of reps, increase in weights, stepped-up complexity of moves, or number of pushups. If Brett told him he had two more in him or if someone else noticed him doing those pushups and praised him, he’d finish a few more,” said Linda, Jim’s wife. “Just seeing his enthusiasm for fitness was exhilarating enough for me to decide to join him. By example, he has helped so many people get started toward more fit living. I am very proud of who he is and his accomplishments.”

Jim’s results aren’t surprising to Suzanne Brue, who said, “There’s a real simple truth to this: When you exercise in a way that fits your personality, you’ll stick with it. The 8 Colors of Fitness: Discover Your Color-Coded Fitness Personality and Create an Exercise Program You’ll Never Quit!” teaches people about their personality types and the fitness programs that those types find preferable.”

When asked about his future plans, Brissenden said, “The key now is continuing the exercise to keep the weight off. Basically work has been my hobby for the last 30 years. Now I continue to work, but I’m trying to add in exercise and eating right as another thing I enjoy. Everybody says they don’t have time to exercise. Everybody does have time; they just have to find the right program that will work for them!”

To contact Jim Brissenden regarding his weight loss success, email him.
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