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Gr8 Services
Objective: To teach people about personality types using the 8 Colors® quiz, including their own, to enable them to find an exercise program they will want to do and show them how to get started exercising effectively, reducing stress, and eating more healthily.
Target Audience: General Audiences, Employee Groups

Objective: To provide support in small group settings for two 8 week modules, one trainer-led and the next participant-led, with trainer-provided material. Gr8FITness provides physical and personality assessments, demonstrations of exercises and activities, and weekly lesson plans.
Target Audience: Employees, Same Type Groups, Same Goal Groups, Teen Groups

Objective: To develop skills in identifying characteristics of varying personality types so that training can be efficiently used and focused on individual needs, resulting in better client recruitment, relationships, retention, results and referrals.
Target Audience: Gym Owners, Personal Trainers

Objective: To teach people about personality types, including their own, what motivates each type, roadblocks to the individual’s goal fulfillment (weight loss, performance enhancement, strength development, enhanced communication, improved personal relationships, etc.)
Target Audience: People Who Need Guided Assistance in Reaching Goals

Objective: To identify and accommodate for different personalities and temperaments in athletes and coaches in order to build team synergy and enhance effectiveness
Target Audience: Coaches, Players in a team setting

Objective: To have a fit, focused, effective and healthy workforce resulting in mutual benefits for employees, their families, and employers.
Target Audience: Hospital administrative teams, hospital employees, health departments, corporations who want a more effective workforce and/or promote healthy living

Objective: To identify personality types in school situations and differentiate teaching and learning strategies to meet varying needs
Target Audience: Teachers, Principals, Students, ages 14 through post secondary

Presentation Formats:
Half day, whole day, multiple day seminars
Customized Scheduling to Client’s Needs
Small Groups
Lunch and Learns
Train the Trainers/Coaches/Teams

Follow-up Formats:
Person to person
Electronic –  ejournals, texts, tweets, forums
                     e-newsletters, gotomeetings, webinars
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