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Gr8 Testimonials
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"As a gold harmony, I couldn’t believe the insight gained knowing my personality type in establishing and retaining the ability to get to the gym. My routine is structured around the purposes of losing weight and getting healthy.

Knowing my personality type necessitated a plan based primarily on (1) safety;(2) my schedule; and (3) measurable results that were flexible to increase the intensity as my skill level improved and to prevent boredom. It’s working because I’m in the gym and have sustained my weight loss!"
                                                                            Senior Business Consultant, Missouri

Being a saffron harmony means I prefer to work in a routine that “flows” and provides graduated levels of challenge and variety. My trainer has to have a lot of patience to help me stay focused, especially when there are a lot of steps involved in an exercise. A lot of creativity also helps and it has to be fun and show results! How do I define results? How about a sustained 48 pound weight loss and still working out regularly after nearly 2 years?"
                                                                            Retired School Administrator, Illinois

"That is so me, it’s ridiculous, especially the internal gps. So much of it just hits the nail on the head."
                                                                            Senior Sales Representative, California

Thank you....I have lowered my cholesterol -from something I have done or not done right!"
                                                                            School Services Liaison, Illinois

“Probably about 500 of our employees were able to make it [to the gr8FITness training ] back in October… It uses Myers-Briggs, which our employees had done in the past. We switched over to the 8 colors and it made it a lot easier. I am a red harmony, which is a lot easier to remember than ESFP…The employees thought it was a fantastic way to learn a little about themselves and make sure they follow through on fitness in the future.”
                                                                            Hospital Personnel Services Manager, Illinois

“I think what it did for me, after I did lose a lot of weight. I think it was the motivation that you can do this. You can take charge of doing something to improve your body and your lifestyle. It’s not just going and working out at a gym. It’s a way to maintain. I thinkGr8FITness really offers the life change.”
                                                                            Legal Assistant, Illinois

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