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With a built-in GPS, GREENS are naturally observant of the physical details
and small variations in the environment. They are most at home outdoors.
When exercising indoors, GREENS prefer training by themselves.
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Lovers of all outdoors

Getting outside is a priority.
Highly attuned to and observant of the physical world

Profound attention to detail and observational skills influence all aspects of what they do and when they do it.

Demeanor is understated, quiet and unobtrusive.

In groups, greens tend toward the background, preferring others to take the lead in social interactions

Dress comfortably and simply, preferring soft tones, natural textiles, and comfortable shoes.

Love large picture windows, decks, natural construction (wood and stone), waterfalls, sunsets, sunrises, canyons
Alone, analytical, calm, casual, friendly, goals, minimalist, nature, observant, outdoors, practical, preparation, quiet, resourceful, vistas, water

Inaccessibility of nature

Failure to have a routine that can include activities of daily life

Finding “exercise” tedious

Difficulty finding time alone

Favorite Activities
Biking; running

Hiking; climbing; horseback riding

Skiing; snowshoeing

Swimming; scuba diving

Walking; windsurfing; sail boarding
Top 10 Tips for Greens
Investigate nature preserves, bike paths, etc. near work and home

Find natural and convenient ways to include exercise in activities of daily living

Create time alone for the important balance and productivity it brings to your life.

Enjoy nature in all its forms and at all times of day.

Make sure you go to the top to see the best view.

Participate in hands-on volunteer activities.

Share love of outdoors with children.

Train for an outdoor challenge by yourself

Revisit familiar places

Bring binoculars, camera or compass to make time outside more fun.

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute.

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