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ESTP                                    RED                                         ESFP

REDS love to be where the action is, craving stimulation and adventure
from the physical world. Reds have a playful approach to fitness and enjoy
competition and training for a goal with others.
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Red is an attention-getting, “look at me” color.

Carefree approach to life

Crave action-packed environments with lots of play and stimulation

Walls are filled with images of family and friends skiing, rafting enjoying the outdoors.

Great in a crisis

Spiderman – jumping, scaling, and swinging to the rescue

Hands-on, Navy Seal types

Either “on” or “off” – burst of activity and then nothing, sleeping or on the move, etc.

Reds prefer “training” to the word “exercise” which seems boring, tedious, and suffering.

“Go all out.”

Little tolerance for long-range planning

Heady conversations seem pointless and irrelevant; reds may create a diversion.

Once things are stirred up, they rise to the challenge to put out the fire.
Action, all-out, fast, flexible, fun, goals, hands-on, nimble, observant, play, restless, speed, stimulation, thrills, variety

Finding “exercise” tedious

Not having goals in sight

Inaccessibility to outdoors

Lack of people to “play” with

Favorite Activities
Basketball, biking

Hiking, climbing

In-line skating


Skiing or snowboarding

Top 10 Tips for Reds
Stay in shape through sports that are fun and social.

Train for an event with others.
Maintain a network of active people you can call on a moment’s notice.

Create mini-goals along the way and provide tangible awards to yourself.

Get outside.

Keep goals in sight.

Train near a window if possible.

Keep your iPod handy and filled with your favorite music to keep you going.

To avoid injury, resist your natural impulse to “go all out” every time.

Avoid making commitments that impinge on your inclination toward freedom and flexibility.

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute.

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