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SILVERS wrap exercise in disguise as the idea of pure exercise is unappealing. Multiple layers of achievement and associations make exercise more interesting. SILVERS are attracted to activities that are convenient, flexible and provide an opportunity to connect with others.
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Energized by new ideas and possibilities

Love new concepts

Exciting type, intrigued by patterns all around them

Always reinventing themselves; there is little that doesn’t interest them

Quick to see connections and build on ideas

Typically busy people who sometimes risk becoming overwhelmed, having said “yes” to one too many fascinating invitations.

Optimistic, self-confident
Attract opportunity

Facile and resourceful

Seldom worry about what might be in store – it’s probably fun, worthwhile and interesting

View convenience as a must as silvers are very busy people
Enjoy being with people who share their enthusiasm and can contribute to their projects and activities

“Big picture” people

Find exercise “boring” but may view it as a way of meeting and connecting with other.
Competence, convenience, creativity, distractions, efficiency, energy, enjoyment, flow, fun, health, innovation, momentum, optimism, personal connections, spontaneity, unscripted

Ideas and mental stimulation monopolize attention

Ignoring the body

Viewing exercise as boring and a cause of suffering


Favorite Activities

Cardio and fitness classes

Dancing, hiking, running


Yoga and Tai Chi
Top 10 Tips for Silvers
Disguise exercise within something more appealing – something that is interesting, enjoyable and engaging.

Choose activities where you can explore and learn something new, creating many levels, layers of achievement and interests.

Learn the physiology of exercise or achieve peace through the mind/body/spirit connections.

Just start and see where it takes you. Once you are started, you are more likely to continue.

Teach fitness. You like variety and a high-energy approach will appeal to others and keep you moving.

Coordinate and be accountable to others to offset the “Do I feel like it?” tendency.

Monitor progress at longer intervals.

Choose activities that can be easily accessed.

Keep transitions minimal. Go dressed, ready to work out.

Build in “alone” time to reflect and plan.

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute.

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